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What does one actually need to blossom the flower of his personality? A lucky Stone! A Fourleaf clover! An Amulet! A Tigers Claw!

Certainly not , because the highest bliss of a charismatic personality which is a perfect combination of traits of head, heart and physique lies within oneself and within his grasp. Everyone being the lone architect of his own personality has no one else to blame or thank for it's quality.......

In this net age, with increased competition in every walk of life it has forced an individual to be alert on all fronts. If a degree becomes a prerequisite for a good job then ultimate requisite always ends up in a search for a sound personality. At this juncture, if the need is not catered in time, it is enough to put one's career in doldrums.

Feeling this pulse of the society, way back in 1973, Nagpur's oldest multifarious professional organisation called oxford speakers' academy at rani jhansi square, Sitabuldi, came into existence with a commitment to provide the concept of english speaking, Public Speaking and Personality Development within the reach of a common man, though many more organizations followed the suit, oxford speakers' academy has come out victorious from the onslaught of competition and today stands like a colossus among its competitors.

Every individual is a unique set of talents, ready to be touched and blossomed. if dynamic personality is the key to the door of success then character is what keeps it open forever. Character is built by habits, habits are the result action and actions are inspired by the thoughts. It is these basic thoughts, which are the architect of our personality, is what we groom at oxford, so that the individual evolves himself as a blissful rainbow...

"If You Risk Nothing, You Risk Everything"

Orator of the Month

Topic : You have to be IN it, to WIN it

On : Saturday, 13th March 2021

Time : 9 AM onwards
At : Amrut Bhavan Andhra Association, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur

Syllabus Lecture

Topic : Public Speaking

On : Friday, 12th February 2021

Time : 5 PM onwards
At : Amrut Bhavan Andhra Association North Ambazari Road, Nagpur

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